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The Company services 6 Naphtha Cracker in Mailiao began on March 2, 2006.
Years, the company is in the process of growing up, and various advanced support and care.
The company has various car models should Formosa Plastics different operating environment of each plant needs to uphold "the pursuit of the principle of the supremacy of the excellent quality of construction, industrial safety, and insist that the vehicle must be regular maintenance and inspection and commissioning, and regularly on all employees to strengthen lifting the hanging job security education training.
The Company is specialized in lifting engineering company, to the best degree of fit, meet customer demand, the latest equipment, operating responsive, professional specialization spirit to do engineering design, construction supervision, is a reputable and trustworthy the company, the customer first, safety first service business philosophy, the most professional service team for your dedicated service.

Cranes, stacker crane engineering, electro-mechanical equipment handling, lifting equipment, unpacking moving machine works, wooden crane engineering, cushion vehicle, gullwing car, oversized super wide overweight objects lifting and transport engineering, mechanical packaging wooden boxesvacuum, moisture-proof wooden boxes, pallets custom wood heat treatment, whole plant equipment moved into and migration services.

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